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To paint a hockey mask… when Dave does it

When Dave paints a hockey mask it is not just a painting, it is a Story.

The most important elements when creating an artwork on a mask are storytelling and creativity, to be able to think outside the box and transform the mask into a story.

Dave´s goal is to be as versatile as possible, to be able to climb into the goalie´s brain and create whatever the goalie wants. Sometimes the goalie does not know what he or she wants, then it is Dave´s job to find it out.

It does not matter if it is a photo-realistic design, old school graphics, a cool team logo theme, cartoons, horror theme, a special tribute to a hero, or whatever comes to mind. Dave´s job is to pull it off.

A true mask artwork is a design that flows, is balanced, and fits with the goalies´ equipment and team colors while not forgetting the history and soul of the team or the goalkeeper. It must look good both on a distance as up close as in the TV cameras.

A true mask artist must be able to paint extremely detailed on small and rounded areas, creating depth and 3-D effects to make the design come to alive on the mask.

A true mask artist must be able to come up with new ideas every day, not just one day, every day of the year.

Dave utilizes extreme creativity, passion, and vast experience in specially paint masks, creating unique design stories that its´ clients will be proud of.