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Your dream mask can be a reality

You have the chance to get a mask painted and created by David Gunnarsson, the artist who dominates the mask art of the NHL goalies.

David always brainstorm and come up with new cool ideas, or maybe you have a cool idea you want David to create. Fill in your application, your application can be chosen and your dream mask will become a reality.

David´s goal as an artist is to always move forward, always brainstorm, always come up with new ideas. Always be in the The Cradle Of Creativity. David´s goal is to always evolve and make research to create new thrilling mask designs, every day. Every new mask is a new paint adventure. Every new painting is a new unique story.

David´s goal as an artist is to be as versatile as possible, to be able to paint whatever the goalie wants. If the goalie wants a modern design, or a classic design, or a vintage design, or a monster design, or a photo realistic design, David´s goal is to always deliver. That is what the success of DaveArt is built on.

Quick guidelines

Please read these guidelines before you fill in the application.

  • If your application will be chosen David will contact you and the process starts.
  • Fill in the budget that works for you.
  • If your application is chosen, David will make a mask design concept sketch, and after your approval the paint adventure starts.
  • No replicas of already painted masks will be painted, every mask David creates is unique.
  • Only submit your application if you are ready to proceed immediately if DaveArt choose your design.