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Arizona SandStorm - Mike Lee, Phoenix Coyotes, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

It´s so fun to paint for many goalies in the same team, to paint and create in totally different styles and themes and make every mask artwork 100% unique. This mask comes directly from a sandstorm in the Arizona desert…!

This mask is for Mike Lee, I love to be your painter Mike.

The mask is created as an old school design, with so much detail work... And to give it a cool connection to Arizona we created it with effects to make it look like it has been in the wildest Arizona sandstorm ever... Damages and scratches all over the mask create cool effects and a unique look.

And just as usual when you look close at the mask the real action kicks in and you see all the effects used…like 3-D PaintTech, Holographix FX, Metallic FX, GhostSmoke and mucho mucho more… :-)

Thanks for your interest in my paint!

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