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Batman in Dallas City - Cristopher Nihlstorp, Dallas Stars, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

I have been working with Cristopher Nihlstorp for many years, and on all his mask this cartoony Batman hero shows up, it´s his childhood hero. So for sure he shows up here on his first Stars mask!

Me and Cristopher talked a lot during the summer how to create it, Cristopher wanted a dark mask, and quickly a plan crystallized with a design with a dark scary feeling all over the mask, with Batman showing up guarding over the Dallas City skyline.

You who have followed Nihlstorp´s mask history recognize a lot of details that connect to his previous mask designs.

Just as usual it is totally packed with effects and details, metallic effects and custom made DAVEART Holographics, just what I love to create. :-)

Thank you all for your interest. Take care.

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