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Mr Freaky Duck Goalie - Viktor Fasth, Anaheim Ducks, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

With this mask on, Viktor transforms into Mr Freaky Duck Goalie….!

His head turns into a duck head, and it is a real badass duck, and a goalie duck… :-) As you can see he wears an old school Ducks mask, but the mask is totally shot into pieces... The duck even has a bad swelling on the top of his head after all the hits... and a tooth is flying, and much, much more... I love to create details. :-)

I´ve been painting for Viktor for more than a decade, and the new mask is very different from what me and Viktor have done before, but not in one way…. cause this new mask is back to basic, a continuation of the very first mask I painted for Viktor... I remember it very well, it was back in the 90s, I had my shop in my mom and dad´s house in Norra Ljunga, and Viktor was a young kid goalie and he and his father came to me with his mask. Then we transformed the mask into a badass wolverine... :-) Viktor, it´s awesome to paint for you, good luck in the NHL!

Thank you for your interest.

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