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Grandpa Moose - Dude, where are my dentures? - Johan Hedberg, New Jersey Devils, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

So what is this... Well, it is now more than a decade since I and Moose did the first Moose-mask, the mask that gave my buddy Johan Hedberg his nickname...and the years go by fast, and for every year the Moose gets wiser and wiser and more experienced and better than ever.

So on this mask the Moose is older than ever... :-) Check him out, now he wears thick glasses, and he has a beard...and he has lost his cane there somewhere... And he has also lost all his teeth except one, and can you see what he is looking for, he has lost his dentures... Can you help him and find them there somewhere on his mask?

Thanks for your interest!

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