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The T-34 Tank Mask - Sergei Bobrovsky, Philadelphia Flyers, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

I love to paint for you Bobs, you always have so cool ideas!

You can find all of Sergei Bobrovsky´s masks on my site. Sergei always has a lot of thinking behind every mask. That is just what I love to create, designs telling a story and with lots of details.

In Sergei´s hometown in Russia, Novokuznetsk, they built the classic Russian super Tank T-34. Sergei wanted to pay tribute to the fantastic machine, that played a big role for Russia in the WW2. Such a unique and great idea.

I myself am very interested in history, so it was a dream design for me to create. I did a lot of research, and put together a concept and Sergei gave me green light at once.

It is a mix of details, landscape designs with the tanks and you also find the Russian fighter planes Polikarpov I-16 in the sky, and when you come closer you will see how the chin of the mask transforms into a close up of a real Tank with the sheet metal.

The mask is so action packed of details that most of them cannot be seen in photo, and the closer you get the more you will discover, the design is packed of Easter eggs!

Thank you for your interest.

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