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DK in NY - Jason Missiaen, New York Rangers, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

I can´t tell you enough how fun I had when I created this Rangers design for Jason Missiaen. Donkey Kong was one of my first video games when I grew up.

The whole mask is created as a concrete wall with Rangers graphics with the Statue of Liberty...and the entire wall is breaking into pieces and there behind the wall you find New York city... But what is going on... Donkey Kong has just climbed up on the top of the Empire State Building, just as his buddy King Kong... And this is a real hockey donkey, he has also brought his hockey stick...but oh no, I see problems coming...just like his buddy King Kong he is being attacked by fighter planes...they are flying all over shooting at him!

I love to paint details, and here I really went crazy on details, added with maximum action and 3-D effects as well as Metallic FX by DAVEART, and more... :-)

Thank you.

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