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Commando Yeti vs Frosty - More Action in The Rocky Mountains - Semyon Varlamov, Colorado Avalanche, NHL, 2012

The story

David about the design:

It is so exciting to be Semyon Varlamov´s painter, he always wants designs with a lot of details, just what I love to do.

Semyon was so happy with his last mask so on his new mask he wanted a continuation, and the battle between Yeti and Frosty in the Rocky Mountains continues for sure... I can tell you this, I loved every minute when I created and painted this design. :-)

On the last mask Yeti used a snowball bazooka in his battle against Frosty... now he is trying a new weapon, and I think he is a bit inspired by the Terminator, cause now he comes with a badass rifle just like Terminator... But when Terminator rides a Harley, Yeti instead drives his customized YetiMobile, the Harley doesn´t work in snow... And he also has a Rambo bandana to look extra badass... :-)

But Frosty is not afraid to take the fight, he comes with great speed on his skis, taking protection behind his old school goalie mask... He has thrown away his carrot bazooka for an old hockey stick... And yes you see one more Frosty coming to attack, you see his carrot nose there... :-)

But someone is using the snowball bazooka cause the mask is hit in the face, again...snow is flying all over the place...

In the background you find a lot of details... One of the mountain tops are transformed into a top of the Vasilij Cathedral, and you also find some Russian jets in the sky, just to mention a few of all the details... :-)

A funny detail is that in the video Bauer made from my studio you can see some seconds from when I made the prep sketches for the look of Yeti. Check out the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMLhibF4asI&feature=youtu.be

Thank you.

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